什么是播客? 编辑

播客是一种通过 RSS 2.0来发布音频或者视频内容的方式。你也可以通过Atom(比较少用)来发布。播客客户端现在已经出现了,比如 Juice, CastPodder(linux), 或者iTunes 。这些工具允许收听者通过订阅你的 RSS/Atom feed 自动下载你喜欢的内容到他们的移动音频播放器中。 如何做?

  1. 制作你想分享的视频或者音频(通常为 MP3 或者 MP4格式)
  2. 把如上文件上传到服务器上
  3. 在你的blog的帖子中添加一个链到该文件的链接。
  4. Wordpress 会自动在你的 RSS/Atom feed中自动添加一个链到该文件的链接
  5. 听众使用播客客户端软件通过你的RSS/Atom feed 来"订阅" 和自动下载新的文件。

WordPress 为你添加所有必要的链接!是不是很方便?:)

Using WordPress For Podcasting 编辑


重要: 在链接一个音频文件的时候,使用一个完整的,绝对路径的URI 否则,WordPress不会把这个音频作为一个附件。

Wrong: <a href="my-podcast.mp3">My podcast</a>
Right: <a href="">My podcast</a>

That's it — just link to an audio file and it gets taken care of.

Okay, it's not the only thing you have to do. There is one more step.

You need to make your RSS2 feed available. 在你的页面上添加这样的一个链接:

或者,如果你使用 Atom格式:

As of WordPress 1.5 the RSS 2.0/Atom links are located on the bottom of the page by default.


  1. As of WordPress 1.5, this only works for posts but not for static pages.
  2. Make sure the linked file is accessible when you publish your post. Otherwise, WordPress won't be able to collect the information it needs from the linked files.
  3. If you change a linked file, republish the post so WordPress can update its file size information about the file.
  4. To get Wordpress to recognize m4a and m4b files as podcasts, you need to make sure that your web server is configured to serve them with the right content-type. Do this by adding the following directives to your Apache configuration file or .htaccess file:

AddType audio/x-m4a .m4a> <AddType audio/x-m4b .m4b

  1. In occasional times, you may have to put .xml at the end of the RSS/Atom url, for it to properly work.

Dedicated Podcasts编辑

To create a dedicated podcast feed: 创建一个podcast的feed

  1. Create a category in the Admin > Manage > Categories panel for your audio files and call it something like "podcasts".
  2. Assign every post containing an audio link to your "podcasts" category.
  3. If your blog is at, your podcast feed will automatically be available at:

在后台控制面板中为你的音频文件创建一个分类,如“podcasts” 把你所有包含音频连接的文章添加放入这个分类。 如果你的blog是,你的podcast feed会自动的以如下方式调用:

Add this to your .htaccess file to make a nice rewrite rule that points visitors directly to your podcasts (assumes you've categorised your podcasts as 'podcasts' as in the example above): 在你的.htaccess file中加入一个新的地址重写规则

#podcast rewrite
RewriteRule ^podcasts/?$ /yourWPsubdirectoryhere/index.php?category_name=podcasts [QSA,L]
RewriteRule ^podcasts/feed/(atom|rss2)/?$ /yourWPsubdirectoryhere/index.php?feed=$1&category_name=podcasts [QSA,L]

Now, you can give your podcasts feed as for RSS2 format, or for Atom format. (If you don't know the difference between the two, give out the first, as RSS2 is generally a bit better supported). issues编辑 可以用来为podcast 音频文件提供服务器空间。但是 对其发布的文件使用转向链接- 这会使WordPress除错, 而且发布 Podcast 出版物会经常除错。(丢失附件标签).

如果你将你的音频文件放在, 为了避免这个错误, 你需要添加一个”enclosure"的自定义域"enclosure" 并且将mp3的完整url粘贴在值域中。

External Links 编辑

Podcasts with PodPress 编辑

The PodPress plugin is designed to make Podcasting with WordPress as easy as possible.


  • Full featured and automatic feed generation (RSS2, iTunes and ATOM)
  • Auto Generation of enclosure tag
  • Preview of what your Podcast will look like on iTunes
  • Podcast Download stats
  • Support for Premium Content (Pay Only)
  • Makes adding a Podcast to a Post very simple
  • View MP3 Files ID3 tags when your Posting
  • Control over where the player will display within your post.
  • Support for various formats, including Video Podcasting
  • Supports unlimited number of media files.
  • Automatic Media player for MP3, MP4, MOV, FLV, ASF, WMV, AVI, and more, with inline and Popup Window support.
  • Preview image for videos

While you are Posting you will be presented with fields for your media file, and everything is made easy. [1]

In the admin screens you are able to define your stndard podcasting setting as well as your iTunes specific settings, and will even show you a preview of what your podcast will look in Itunes music store

[2] [3]

Post Podcasts with Quicktag Button 编辑

Podz' Podcasting Quicktag Button instructions add a podcasting quicktag button to your Write Post admin panel.

To use the podcasting quicktag button, follow the directions in the article by opening your quicktags.js file from your /wp-admin folder in a text editor and adding the supplied code. Save and upload your quicktags.js to your site and test it out. In your Write Post panel, have the link ready for your podcast, click the podcasting quicktag button and paste in your link. Done!Template:Copyedit